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Nov 18, 2012 8:00am PST
thanksgiving and your holiday weekend. the time right now is 8:17 >> new this morning president obama is in thailand on a three day trip to asia. the trip is in an effort to boost economic and political relations. it is packed with cultural sites seems a royal audience with thailand's king and a private meeting with the country's prime minister. the president also plans to visit mirama--myanmar.. it's the visit to that country by a first u.s. president the first. that's making a first. >> this is not just israeli territory defense but in areas that are populated. and there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. the memo, in the middle east the death toll is rising with israelis and palestinians exchanging fire on the gaza strip. civilians have been killed. in this is really air strike. after the gossip and explosion claimed a government agency. >> these foreign ministers had an emergency meeting and saturday. >> this council should be of evaluating the arab position. because during the peace process we cannot continue on th
Nov 11, 2012 8:00am PST
from arlington national cemetery to commemorate veterans day. here is president obama. >> these fellow citizens, to be there for them and their families. just now, but not just now, but for all lease. not just for the first few years but as long as they walk this earth. to this day, we still care for a child of a civil war veteran. to this day, we still hstill care for her thousands of spouses and children of fog in the spanish-american war. just last year by paid tribute frank buckles who was serving in world war one for 2 years and we kept our commitment to serve him. so, long after the battle has ended, and our heroes come home, we state by their side. >> these are live remarks from arlington national cemetery on veterans day. >> it is marty, there has been the competition of a different type. some mustachioed men flew into first place at mccovey cove. 116,000 spectators showed up to watch the red bull flugtag 30 teams launched their homemade human powered flying machines. team november. they landed first place with a distance of 54 ft.. >> it was quite a journey getting here. golde
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
of run away. >> turning to politics. president obama will be involved with in a telephone meeting due to people have been hit hard by hurricane sandy. following this morning's meeting administration officials will be visiting storm damage communities where they will examine the response efforts on hand. if they do want to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. >> this marathon has been cancelled and this is a past video from an older one. they have been getting criticism due to superstar and sanded. at least 40,000 hours are 47,000 people the world were expected to run this marathon but here are reactions due to cancellation. >> are you sure that it is cancelled? >> we are from germany and we prepared for this and now it is bed. >> what can we do? >> we will come back next year. >> in a statement new york's mayor stated that he could not have a controversy over an athletic event to impede the current situation. >> 100 people spent the night in anticipation to this event and they're also waiting for a guest. >> activby am out here at the village and a lot of people have
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
we are following it is down to the wire for president obama and mitt romney. to convince the undecided voters. what each candidates are telling the voters this weekend. >> slow recovery along the east coast the uptake on relief efforts. >> good morning, i am marty gonzales isabel is off. good morning. it is going to be gorgeous bay-area wide. general. janu? >> good morning, marty. we could seek some portions of patchy fog but there will be plenty of sunshine. it is going to be a gorgeous beach day. and pretty clear. overnight we will start to see the fog gradually pushed through san francisco. as for temperatures. 50s through san francisco, 56 in san jose. 54 in oakland, concord and santa rosa. 54 in the livermore valley. with just 70's in antioch. and 71 degrees in half moon bay. low 80s for the south bay. more low 80s and even napa, santa rosa and 77 degrees for san rafael. your full forecast with changes. and let us go back over to marty. >> thousands of grocery store employees are on the picket lines after contract lines tobroke down. mike pelton is our sole reporter at t
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> president obama is spending a quiet weekend at the white house with family and friends following the thanksgiving holiday. on thursday, he took the opportunity to phone service members in afghanistan off to think them for their service and sacrifice. in his weekly radio in internet address, obama said banks giving offers americans a chance to come together as a nation. >> it also requires us to make a choice and sometimes the choices lead us to think of the things that bring us apart is that what brings us together. >> banks giving is a chance for us to put it all into perspective to remember that despite our differences we are americans first and foremost. >> the republican response stated that the gop is ready to work with the president. they want to help get rid of the looming problems with the fiscal cliff. >> after several days allowed the students are going back to school today first would take a live look outside and it is breezy and outside we will be right back. >> in world news this morning tens of thousands of children are returning to school in the gaza strip today. a
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
lit duly because he is some pressure asion probation for hitting his wife. >>obama is pushing congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>it is wet and windy outside. we will have your full forecast coming up. >> we can see drizzle coming out that is affecting the bay area. >> is the view from the san mateo bridge. as you can see it is wet outside. we may see possible thunderstorms for the evening. we may see breaks in sunshine because we will be dealing with two systems. we will have rain and windy conditions. as we take a look at storm tracker 4 it is showing what we are at right now. san mateo is getting rain right now and there is another approach to san francisco. it has been a little bit warmer. we will be dropping down from the golf. it will be colder and it will be quick moving. by about 9:00 a.m. we will be durindealing with the rain. that afternoon hours will be will will have to dry break. it will not last too long. by 6:00 p.m. will have the next system starting. it will decrease in intensity. we could be waking up to light rain for tomorrow morning. as we take a look at
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am PST
come. president obama has issued remarks against the fiscal cliff. >> san jose and the south bay. the forecast is straight ahead. >> we are back and it is 7:30 a.m.. we have right skies outside and there are some frost advisories in the bay area. >> this is the view from golden gate bridge. this is a gorgeous start for the morning but it is very cold outside. a lot areas are starting out below freezing. that afternoon should be mostly clear skies and for the evening it should be clear in chile. >>and chile. >hilly. >> it is 44 in hayward and cover for is for redwood city. the afternoon would be the upper 50s for the east bay shore. the north bay was a slightly warmer conditions and it won't be in the low 60's. 61 degrees for napa and 61 degrees for santa rosa. we do have more showers. >> this is a good deal about gas prices. the gas prices continue to go down. issing said several weeks ago we were talking about the price is going up. this is great news. >> the price just kept going up a few weeks ago but in san bruno these prices are easier for drivers to manage. this particular gas s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7